Astana hub jointly with UNICEF
Forum "Digital Solutions for Every Child"
Dedicated to the launch of the Laboratory of Social Innovation
Astana Hub and the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) are launching the Social Innovation laboratory, whose goal is to create conditions for supporting and developing projects in the areas of social innovation focused on the interests of children in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
In the framework of cooperation, it is planned:

- Discussion of children's rights and their relationship with the priorities of digital government.

- Helping government agencies take full advantage of digital technology and data to increase public sector awareness of progress towards promoting the best interests of children.

- Development of platforms for the formation of social values with a focus on digital services for children.

Social Innovation Lab will enable partners from the government, corporate and commercial sectors, civic initiatives and academia to jointly implement innovation and apply people-centered design to provide children and young people with access to public services, attract children and young people, and ensure the possibility of expressing your user interests in the formation of public policies based on data.
The laboratory will allow partners to incubate, develop and refine technology-based, widely available products and services for children using big data, and apply artificial intelligence, computer training, virtual and augmented reality technologies, blockchain and other modern digital technologies.
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